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Expat Psychologist

Most of us will experience some difficulties or dissatisfaction at some stage in life. This could be in midlife, after moving to a new country or after a brake-up. But these challenges are also an opportunity for further psychological growth. In order to reach more fulfillment and wholeness.

As an expat psychologist , I provide individual therapy or coaching for expat’s  in the Hague, Amsterdam and Utrecht. 

This is supported by my qualifications (see About), my extensive clinical experience as well as my international background. I bring to my work the professional as well as personal insights into the challenges of transitions.

What do I offer?

Therapy is helpful if you are going through life a transition,  if you are “feeling stuck”, unhappy or anxious.

Coaching will provide the support you need if you are having work-related difficulties,  a burnout or if you are seeking a new career path.

I work in English and French and Dutch.

How do I work?

In my work, I integrate different psycho-spiritual approaches – verbal therapy alongside non-verbal approaches such as mindfulness meditation, dream work and visualizations.

After an initial contact via email or telephone, we can arrange a first appointment. During this meeting, we will explore your situation. Sessions are weekly or bi-monthly for a duration of a couple of months or longer, depending on what is needed.

More information?  Feel free to contact me for more information or

call me at +31 (0)6 124 174 64.

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