“Follow your bliss.” (J. Campbell)

Career coaching

If are not sure whether you are in the right job, if you are no longer feeling motivated at work, or if simply if you would like to clarify your next step, career coaching can offer you guidance.

I offer a unique approach which is a combination of reflection exercises, in depth conversations and the use of imagination/images. The focus is on helping you  to clarify your strengths, competenties and what you need in your work in order to thrive. Together we will then explore possible changes and the next steps. These might include managing your work differently, a job change within your current organization, or finding work elsewhere.

Some of the themes covered are:

  • What gives meaning to my life?
  • When do I feel alive and energized?
  • What are my gifts?
  • What makes my life special?
  • Identifying your personality style (Jung’s types) using the CGI test

The hero’s journey

Taking on a new career path is the hero’s journey (J. Campbell). Just as the classic hero, looking at a new career is a journey of inner transformation – In the process we travel into the unknown, meet challenges and helpful figures and come back home transformed and with a new outlook on life and career.

Personal development

Coaching for personal development is a goal oriented process to deal with work related issues.
We all want to lead a rich and meaningful life – but this might become lost under the pressure of a hectic work and family life.

What is achieved through coaching?

  • Increased life satisfaction
  • Increased  capacity to cope with stress and pressure
  • Burnout prevention/treatment
  • Leading a life which is more in tune with who you are
  • Identifying your personality style (Jung’s types) using the CGI test
  • Enhanced creativity.

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