Psychological Types

For self-understanding and personal growth

Psychological types model, first discovered by C.G. Jung, offer  a very useful way in order to learn more about yourself and discover how to move forwards in life.

It can help you clarify the following questions:

  • What would I really like to be doing in my life?
  • What are my special gifts?
  • What make me different from others?
  • What would bring me joy and contentment?

In my work I often use the Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI). This  psychological types profile is a vary useful way of learning about yourself, and discovering how to move forwards in life. This profile was recently developed in the US. It gives a clear  image of a person’s temperament (introversion or extraversion) and preferred orientation (thinking, feeling, sensing or intuition).

By using this test, you can gain a better understanding of your greatest assets and development areas. After taking the test, we can debrief the results together. This conversation will bring many new insights, and can be life changing.

For more information about this test you can contact me or check out the website:

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